Cell Phone Service that Works!

Gotta simplify…that cell phone bill!

Here’s one frugal tip that worked like a charm. A friend recommended a new cell phone service: Page Plus, in case you are wondering. (Full disclosure: I am NOT an affiliate!) They use the same cell phone towers as Verizon, but at a cheaper rate. You simply prepay for whatever service you want and SAAAAVVVE over the typical Verizon bill.

Here’s how this breaks down for us: on our previous Verizon bill, the cheapest deal we could get was about $100/month. As we never had an actual bill from just the two of us, (there were three or more lines on our bill during the life of our service,) I don’t know exactly how much our monthly total would have been with all the little added fees. But suffice it to say, we’d have paid $100 OR MORE for the two of us on Verizon.

With Page Plus, we pay $42. Even for the math-deficient among us, that’s nearly 60% savings!!!

How does that break down? Well, for my phone, I have 1200 minutes of talking time, which I will NEVER use, unless there is some enormous family emergency. Nobody, but NOBODY calls me, they all text. And I have 3000 texts available to me per month. I didn’t think that was going to be enough, but my thoughtful husband pointed out that I have 100 texts per day.

“If you did nothing else but text, could you use up 100 texts per day?”

He had a point. Some days I might use 100 texts. Other days, perhaps three. 3000 texts ought to be more than adequate! My monthly plan is $29.95.

Rusty, who uses his phone very little and almost never texts, has the 12-dollar, 250 minute + 250 texts plan. He’ll have no problem with those limits…and if he does, he’s almost always with me, and can use my phone. 🙂

We anticipate no problem with those limits, and if our needs change we can upgrade our service.

Previously, our monthly cell phone bill with three lines was in the $137 range. By dropping the third line and changing our service, we save $95/month. That’s $1140/year, or $11,400 over ten years.

Worth doing? Oh yeah!

Cell phone service that works, and a cell phone bill that doesn’t give me a headache. Good stuff!


Simple Living, The Cell Phone

Simplifying ought to be simple.

It isn’t.

It’s time consuming, often complex, and sometimes more than a little frustrating.

Take cell phone bills. (Really, take ’em, please.) Cell phone bills aren’t particularly simple, and they can be so painfully expensive. And they aren’t just a one-time expense, they roll around every. single. month.


We have just now reduced our “Family Plan” to family members living in our immediate household, but the expense is still high.

Friends have recommended another cell service provider that uses the extensive network towers from our OLD cell service provider, but at a far cheaper rate.

In the interim, we need to go to our cell phone company, discuss how many monthly minutes the two of us really need, and do what we can to adjust our bill as quickly as possible.

This isn’t the most fun we’ve ever had.

I hate messing with bills. I hate thinking about them. I’d rather just close my eyes and bleed money than think long and hard about how much each little item is on my cell phone service charges.

Therefore, I’ve been bleeding money. O.o

I hate taking the time out of my busy, messy week to stomp into a store and talk to a nice salesman about why I want to leave his company.

“Hi! You are too expensive, so I want to figure out how to get out as cheaply as humanly possible until my contract is up. Then I want to dump you altogether.”

Simple living isn’t always simple. This time, frugality wins. We’ve got to make the time to go deal with this expense and cut it down to size.

Yick. But doing so will save us approximately 80 dollars a month. I can think of a lot more fun things to do with 80 bucks than pay a cell phone bill.

Can’t you?